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A crisp summer white offset with colorful sublimely embroidered shirt. This look exudes quiet elegance and grace with its fully embroidered front and back an ode to the Kashmiri exquisite needlework and thread that involves a single chain stitch to make the design indeed one of the most distinguished and beautiful. The dupatta features hues of pink and perfect combination of colors complimenting the outfit paired with dyed trouser. This perfect presentation of formal look in summer palette is to die for.

This design includes:

Embroidered center panel (1)
Embroidered side panels (2)
Embroidered back (1)
Dyed jacquard for sleeves (0.5 meter)
Embroidered Border for front (26”)
Embroidered Border for back (26”)
Embroidered border for sleeves (1 meter)
Thin border for neck (1 meter)
Dyed trouser (2.5 meter)
Printed silk dupatta (2.5 meter)

Material cotton
Style casual

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